Tea Plant - RLC7 Tube

Tea Plants in RLC7 Tubes
Tea Plants in RLC7 Tubes
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Tea Plant - RLC7 Tube

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Please select your QUANTITY RANGE before entering the specific number of plants you would like to purchase.

1 - 10 at $12 each

11 - 50 at $11 each

51 - 100 at $10 each.

For orders exceeding 100 plants, please contact us directly.

Tea plants will be shipped at the beginning of the week to ensure timely delivery. For example: if you order plants on a Wednesday, we will schedule shipping for the following Monday.

Currently there is a wait-list for tea plants.

Please contact Kacie@mintogrowers.com with the quantity of plants you’d like and to be added to the wait-list.

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In these space-efficient pots, our tea plants thrive and have formed a healthy root system. These plants are all 1 - 2 years old, varying in height from 8 - 10" and growing in tubes 5.5" deep.