Tea Plant - RLC7 Tube

Tea Plants in RLC7 Tubes
Tea Plants in RLC7 Tubes
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Tea Plant - RLC7 Tube

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Please select your QUANTITY RANGE before entering the specific number of plants you would like to purchase.

1 - 10 at $12 each

11 - 50 at $11 each

51 - 100 at $10 each.

For orders exceeding 100 plants, please contact us directly.

Tea plants will be shipped at the beginning of the week to ensure timely delivery. For example: if you order plants on a Wednesday, we will schedule shipping for the following Monday.

The plants are coming out of dormancy and we are taking care to ensure they are as healthy as possible before selling and shipping them out.

Contact Kacie@mintogrowers.com with the quantity of plants you’d like and to be added to the wait list.

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In these space-efficient pots, our tea plants thrive and have formed a healthy root system. These plants are all 1 - 2 years old, varying in height from 8 - 10" and growing in tubes 5.5" deep.